Monthly Vlog: April

Little moments from April

Visiting London – A Vlog

Harry and I visited London yesterday to eats lots of food and watch Dr. Strange at the IMAX in 3d! (it was SO GOOD! Tilda Swinton just makes everything betterđź’•)This month marks 5 years together and 2 years engaged, so thought we’d treat ourselves a lil’.
I had planned on speaking in this vlog, but I chickened out! Not sure if I’m ever going to get over that shyness, no matter how much I’d like to…

Amsterdam Day 1

I’m going to split my trip to Amsterdam in to 3 posts for the 2 half days and 2 full days we spent there, so I’m not bombarding you all with one massive photo heavy post! There’s also a little video on my YouTube channel that I’ll add on the end of this post. Let’s get to it!

The first two photos are from The Hoxton hotel in Holborn, we stayed there the night before so that we didn’t have to get up before sunrise to get our Eurostar train, the room was neat, clean and well designed. Definitely not the smallest hotel room I’ve stayed in for the centre of London, too!

Below is part of our room in The Hoxton in Amsterdam. It was beautiful; dark stained parquet floor, two different shades of sagey green on the walls, the “feature wall” carrying on to cover part of the ceiling (stealing that idea!) and simplistic molding on the ceiling made for a very modern, very minimalist Louis XIV sort of style. That softness paired with the leather and patinated industrial style metal accents brought it up to almost hyper on trend status. I didn’t want to leave! The entire hotel was lovely, as were all of the staff. I would highly recommend staying there if you are planning a trip to Amsterdam. We also booked quite far in advance and found that helped with our budget quite a lot. I honestly can’t wait to see what they do with the Paris hotel opening next year, as that is in a real Louis XIV era building!! Eep!

We bought some fancy Kaweco pencils in a shop called Concrete Matter. It was branded as a “men’s gift shop” which I thought was kind of unnecessary, but they had so many things I wanted to bring home! Little taxidermy finches and sparrows, old biology style posters and prints, pens pencils and stationary galore! I managed to only leave with a pencil, some refills and a trio of field notes notebooks *pats self on back*

We were so tired from travelling and exploring a little that we called it a night pretty early on, we are such old people!

As mentioned I also made a little video of our time there. It was really fun filming little bits and putting it all together, I’m already searching for something else to make a video out of!