1940s Style Workwear

Finally! A pair of 1940s style jeans that arent over-styled and too-long legged! I haven’t enjoyed wearing skinny jeans for a looong time now but haven’t been able to find a pair of semi smart looser fitting ones, vintage or otherwise. Until I came across these on Asos. I’m not usually one for spur of the moment purchases, but these were bought within 5 minutes of seeing them.
Looking at these photos now, I guess I was kind of half inspired by the latest episode of Westworld – the high waisted loose fitting jeans, brown belt, striped shirt & neckerchief are pretty similar to what Dolores wore in episode 5…WHOOPS!

1. Shirt – Gap, old
2. Neckerchief – vintage, found in Brighton years ago
3. Jeans – ASOS
4. Belt – John Lewis, old


Aldeburgh Beach

For me, summer is never complete unless I’ve had a day at the beach. I don’t even mind if it’s not warm enough to wip my bikini out, or if my freshly cut hair gets a tad swept up by the wind. It’s just such a good feeling to have sand underneath my feet and a sea to dip them in to. It actually wasn’t as cold as it looks, either!

Harry’s brother is back home for a few days, so we decided to squeeze the entire family in to the car, picnic and all, and drive down the Aldeburgh for the day. It’s was a bit grey and windy, so I decided to go for a loose-ish pair of jeans that I could roll up if I wanted to paddle in the sea, and layers that I could easily shed if it got warmer. All of the clothes I’m wearing are at least 3 years old, apart from the scarf that was a birthday present. Someone take me shopping, stat!

All in all it was a lovely day out, aaand I got my beach fix. For now.

  1. Grey denim jacket – Monki
  2. black spotty top – H&M
  3. Jeans – asos
  4. Sandles – Salt Water Sandles
  5. Scarf – birthday present, vintage

Sun and Life

These vintage Mexican embroidered ‘peasant’ tops always remind me of Frida Kahlo. Whenever I wear this one that I bought in Amsterdam a few weeks ago I feel like I’m sort of channeling the most positive aspects of her personality – strong, creative, independent & in love.

Im also wearing my new favourite lipstick mentioned a few posts before this one – Urban Decays Vice cream lipstick in Bang. It’s so hard to capture on camera, it’s super bright in real life!

  • Vintage embroidered Mexican blouse – Laura Dols, Amsterdam
  •  Jeans – Asos, years and years old, similar
  • Belt – John Lewis, old
  • Shoes – Clarks, in the sale now!
  • David Bowie cat earrings – Oolala Design, a perfectly thought out gift, aren’t they the best?!

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Amsterdam Day 3

Our final day and a half in Amsterdam! I honestly wasn’t ready to leave, there is so much to do and see you could easily go for a week and not get bored. We spent the day wandering the streets, looking at the architecture, eating lots of yummy food and generally soaking up our last day on holiday.

We went to what is now I think officially my favourite cafe by the advice of Betty magazine; Coffee & Coconuts. I wish I could just completely copy it and have it closer to me because I would honestly be in there almost every day working on my iPad, drinking coffee and eating the most amazing coconut pancakes ever (and becoming penniless & fat). It was in an old Art Deco cinema (AHHH), plants everywhere, bean bags to lounge on, everyone was really nice. It was perfect!

Also, if you are a lover of GOOD QUALITY clean, well cared for and well curated vintage, with actual nice/not intimidating people in store, something I feel is very lacking in the UK right now, Amsterdam is a must for you. Especially Laura Dols. I had been here once before when I was around 19 on an art foundation trip and remember buying a grey knitted tank top. This time I could have come out with an entirely new wardrobe, but I was on a budget (not that this place was expensive,AT ALL), so I just bought a cute little embroidered “peasant top” – I don’t really know what else to call it? But it’s cute. And it was only €25. I bet the exact same top would have been £35+ in the UK.

And thus concludes our time in Amsterdam. If we go again I’d like to be a little more ‘cultural’ and visit more museums and things, but we were just so happy wandering that before we knew it, it was time to go home!

Makeup Through the Ages; 1920s

This is the beginning of a series of classic/typical makeup looks from the 2os to the 70s, and maaaybe be the 80s, not sure yet. The 1920s and 30s are my favourite eras. I remember my mum being quite obsessed with Art Deco interiors when I was little and I guess it’s rubbed off on me! If I had endless amounts of money I would own solely 1920s and 30s dresses and loungewear (and Edwardian cotton and lace, hah!). I just want to say, I am in no way a makeup artist, or a historian. This is just something that I’m really interested in.

I concealed my eyebrows so I could make them thinner and elongated them towards middle of my ear which was classic for the 20s. Plucking became popular in the 20s and eyebrows got much thinner, but not as thin as the 30s! I made my eyes dark using a dark brown and a black eyeshadow and black pencil liner, this is another typical look of this era. It was now acceptable for women to wear makeup in public, and some of the more adventurous would have their eyes very dark (I like to think I would have been one of them). I then used my beloved Besame lipstick to recreate Clara bow’s iconic cupids bow lip. This under drawn but very shaped lip was popularised by actresses, filtered down to the public and soon enough, everyone was doing it! Cake mascara was also hugley popular, but I’ve just used my normal mascara here. And finally, blush. Blush was generally applied in a circle, just on the apples of the cheeks, as a rounded face was the most sought after face shape at the time. I would have fit right in!

Makeup used:

  • NYX matte but not flat foundation – I am not getting on with this! Need to find a cruelty free CC cream. My favourite was bourjois 123 perfect cc cream, but alas, they aren’t cruelty free.
  • NYX HD Concealer – I’m not actually finding this too bad, it doesn’t crease under my eyes as easily as some other concealers and lasts a long time. I’ll probably re-purchase this once I run out. I don’t think anything will help my dark circles but some proper sleep at the moment though.
  • Makeup Revolution Iconic3 palette, second from last dark brown/grey colour (they don’t have names…)
  • Kiko Milano single eyeshadow in 178 (black with silver glitter)
  • Revlon length+volume mascara. Again, this came in a beauty box I used to be subscribed to. Need to find a good cruelty free alternative.
  • Sleek blush in Flushed
  • Besame brightening violet powder
  • Besame lipstick in Cherry Red

My Brooch Collection!

I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube recently of people’s brooch/pin collections and thought it would be fun to try making a quick little stop motion animation of mine! Not sure I’m quite ready for people to see me and hear my voice in a video *cringe*. Plus, I would probably do my usual forget-what-I’m-saying-half-way-through-a-sentence thing and completely embarrass myself/take a million years to get a good take. Okay, overthinking finished! Here it is!

Modern & Vintage Wishlists

My wardrobe will never be entirely vintage. Sometimes it bugs me, sometimes I’m grateful for it. Or rather, my wallet is grateful for it! Because it’s become so popular in recent years, most of it has now surpassed my budget by miles.

My Instagram and the blogs I follow are saturated with people that seemingly live a vintage lifestyle 24/7; setting their hair every night, wearing immaculate 1940s dresses & seamed stockings to do mundane things like food shopping, 1920s satin sleepwear & kimonos every night (or so it looks…)! I struggled to keep up for a while, and felt bad when I didn’t feel like I was living up to some sort of invisible, unreachable standard that I had set for myself. For those who don’t know me; I can get a bit self conscious/anxious about things that I’m “in to” (vintage, illustration, skincare/beauty as a small example). I feel like if I don’t know EVERYSINGLETHING about subjects that I like I’m somehow deemed “not good enough”. I know, it’s completely cuckoo! And I’m beginning to see it now that I’m not working in a shop 9-5 and worrying/obsessing over things as much/having other peoples opinions flying about, I have a bit more room to breathe and think about myself. Can you tell I’m a natural born hermit?

And what has come out of this is that I feel like my style is beginning to change. I’m more comfortable with teaming vintage with modern pieces, even though it is sometimes difficult to find modern pieces that I like. They always end up being somewhat vintage inspired in cut or colour. I’m also not buying for the sake of buying any more. Although, that was a conscious decision that I made a couple of years ago. I now tend to only buy things if I feel they are good quality, ethical, if they are PERFECT (none of this “oh but it will do” it has to fit me like a glove!), if I’m really missing something from my wardrobe, AND, I think about it for a while. If I’m still thinking about something a few days later and dreaming up outfits that would go with said piece, then I go for it! This means that I don’t feel bad when I “splash out” on 1 or 2 pieces every few months, because I know they will get a lot of wear. I also TRY to have a 1 in 1 out system, although that doesn’t always work…!

Anyway! What this is leading on to is a little spring/summer wishlist of modern clothing & some vintage things that I’d like to keep an eye out for this spring/summer if the vintage goddesses permit! The first and second Polyvore (aww, remember Polyvore?!) sets below are modern, mainly from & Other Stories, Louche London and Eclectic Eccentricity . I can’t decide between those two swimsuits for the life of me! The red one reminds me of the latest incarnation of Vera Claythorne from And Then There Were None. I loved all her clothes. Who watched it?! …I know it was a while ago now. The other is just really a cute coral pattern and has an interesting cut out in the front.



tumblr_o3obutrtdz1u15jt3o2_1280Vera Claythorne

And these are some vintage pieces that I would like to find similar cuts/eras of. Maybe in darker colours (forever wearing autumnal colours). From my all time favourites to gawk at on instagram, in order of appearance; Millay vintage, Dear Golden and Adored Vintage

VintageI’d also like a vintage cropped varsity jacket, and if that doesn’t sound too farfetched as it is; with an M on the back!