A Warm Weekend Through My Phone

The weekend was warm, busy and a little intense
we found a place to live in Hastings – the first place we saw!
It has beautiful bay windows and original fireplaces,
I’m now dreaming of decorating it with all of our things
and cycling to work on the seafront.
Zissou is going to love the views of the park with all of the moorhens
Four weeks to go!

Fluffy peonies in my grandparents garden

My Sunday outfit

and my dad & stepmum soaking up the sun

Summer Come Early

beach day postcards

Summer weather in April. We packed up a little picnic and drove to our favourite beach yesterday. Hardly anyone else was there – listening to the waves without any human noise was so relaxing

Dunwich Beach & Heath

Dunwich beach & heath is turning in to one of my favourite places this summer. We’ve been on 3 occasions in the last 3 months and it just gets more and more beautiful. Of course we, the hermits, decided to go on the hottest bank holiday Monday of the year. IT WAS SO BUSY and I usually would have hated it, but once I was in my own bubble (beach towel = bubble on this occasion) I was fine. It was definitely tinged with a slight sadness that it felt like the end of summer, but I’m hoping we will have one more day of warm sunshine so we can go again (fingers crossed).

beach days 2

Last Days of Summer

Sometimes it feels like summer is coming to an end, and then you get a day like this and begin to doubt it! I spent the day photographing some of my vintage collection to put on eBay (It’s all up now, go have a peek!), wandering the gardens and trying not to complain that I was too hot.

I’ve had this skirt FOREVER. It always goes through stages of being put away and brought back out again, and I just re-found it this morning. I had been thinking about it for a couple of days, I honestly thought I had sold it or donated it to a charity shop – I’m glad I didnt! It was very inexpensive, but such a classic shape. I seem to be coming back to these classic peices at the moment and I’m really enjoying it.

These shoes are slowly getting comfier. The first couple of times I wore them they gave me blisters from hell, so I’ve been trying to wear them around the house to break them in. Fingers crossed they’ll be soft enough to wear when we go to brighton for the weekend in a couple of weeks!

  1. Shirt – Gap, old
  2. Skirt – New Look, old
  3. Shoes – Clarks
  4. Belt – John Lewis, old

Aldeburgh Beach

For me, summer is never complete unless I’ve had a day at the beach. I don’t even mind if it’s not warm enough to wip my bikini out, or if my freshly cut hair gets a tad swept up by the wind. It’s just such a good feeling to have sand underneath my feet and a sea to dip them in to. It actually wasn’t as cold as it looks, either!

Harry’s brother is back home for a few days, so we decided to squeeze the entire family in to the car, picnic and all, and drive down the Aldeburgh for the day. It’s was a bit grey and windy, so I decided to go for a loose-ish pair of jeans that I could roll up if I wanted to paddle in the sea, and layers that I could easily shed if it got warmer. All of the clothes I’m wearing are at least 3 years old, apart from the scarf that was a birthday present. Someone take me shopping, stat!

All in all it was a lovely day out, aaand I got my beach fix. For now.

  1. Grey denim jacket – Monki
  2. black spotty top – H&M
  3. Jeans – asos
  4. Sandles – Salt Water Sandles
  5. Scarf – birthday present, vintage