Monthly Vlog: April

Little moments from April

Summer Come Early

beach day postcards

Summer weather in April. We packed up a little picnic and drove to our favourite beach yesterday. Hardly anyone else was there – listening to the waves without any human noise was so relaxing

Little Lick of Life: April

This is what I was up to in April;26380613100_fcabc816d7_k_d26627415936_aa23a9fc8d_k_d26380635680_3811c9bbde_k_d26050162713_9da4990080_b_d26627428956_772bae9a4f_k_d26048232974_5113aa02ee_k_d26654151035_f8e940e2d6_k_d26380698240_a17813ddac_k_d26627465746_751e295e41_k_d26654173965_33d7d754c8_h_d

I’ve consumed a lot of pastries, made dinner and a rhubarb crumble for friends with rhubarb from the garden, tried to organise the new apartment a bit, and taken photos of one of Harry’s mums Airbnb rooms. And played with Zissou, of course! The hand pattern fabric is from a silk mill down the road from us, I’m thinking it might make an interesting curtain for the little window in our kitchen. Or cushions!