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self portrait glasses
self portrait glasses
self portrait glasses

Favourite Things: May

This is a new kind of post for me, although I have probably inadvertently done it continually through the years on this lil ol’ blog; My favourite things this month! They could be ANYTHING! From food to fripperies, I’ll go over a few things I’m loving/obsessing over/doing/appreciating for the month. It will likely be mostly fripperies, me being the type of person that tends to live in my own little bubble. But I’d also like to cover more interesting (I hope) things as well. For example;

1. This has actually been over the last few months, and will probably be quite ongoing, but I am gradually changing over all of my cleaning products, makeup and toiletries to cruelty free brands. I know I’m pretty late to the party, and I feel awful for it. I’ve always been conscious of it and don’t tend to use things like bleach and harsh chemical cleaners regularly, but it was never in the forefront of my mind while shopping. There is no excuse! Since becoming vegetarian 6 months ago, and now living in a household that composts & recycles everything humanly possible, and grows most of its own vegetables, I feel like I’ve woken up a bit more and become more in tune with “the bigger picture”.

I’m really loving Method cleaning products, because as well as being cruelty free, Eco friendly, and not damaging to aquatic life, it’s also super safe for use around animals. So I can clean happily without having to kick Zissou out all of the time! Another plus is that because I feel good using them, I’m actually cleaning more (we’ll see how long that lasts. Ha!).

2. SPRING! There were a few days this month that were beauuuuuutiful! Blossom everywhere, busy bees, birds going crazy and I was hanging outside with my legs out(with lots of spf on, obviously.). Lovely. There is something to be said for Spring in the UK, if it decides to happen. There is a noticeable lift in everyone’s spirits. 

3. My new Too Faced Sugar Pop eyeshadow palette. It’s not a new product, In fact I think it’s been out for a couple of years?? But because I want to experiment a bit more with my makeup, I couldn’t resist the colours. And Too Faced are cruelty free. Aaand it’s actually my first ever eyeshadow palette. I know, right? Almost 26 years old and I’ve never owned an eyeshadow palette. I’ve always been a bit afraid of it to be honest. I have really dry skin all over, apart from my eyelids. I seem to have the oiliest eyelids known to man, which has always meant that whenever I have tried eyeshadow it creases within minutes and looks messy. But I recently discovered the magic of eyeshadow primer (I am so late to so many parties) and now I have no excuse! Obnoxious coloured eyelids, here I come!

4. Crimson Peak. I watched this in the cinema with my sister and her husband back in October last year and re-watched it this month for some reason. It’s just so beautiful. Ugh. I cannot even describe how much I love the aesthetic of this film. That mansion. The costumes. The era. The fact that some of the spirits were played by actual people and not entirely CG. EVERYTHING. I have this thing for really old fashioned penny dreadful style horror/fantasy and when something along those lines comes out it pretty much instantly makes it on to my top list. The Art of Darkness book is definitely back on my wish list. And that reminds me; Penny Dreadful! I need to start watching season 3!

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5. Starting to combat my ongoing issues with self-worth/self esteem. I tend to internalise A LOT and find it hard to talk about “stuff” and I feel like maybe having a bit more time to think this month has forced me to face it head on. I’ve never been confident in myself or the way I look and I think I need to stop fixating on it as much, stop comparing myself to other people (Hi Instagram!) and realise that I only have one body and I need to love it, accept it and respect it for what it is. I also need to give it what I needs; good healthy food and exercise. I feel that I eat a lot healthier now that I’m vegetarian, but I NEVER exercise. I like, never. My exercise is walking 20 minutes to Sainsburys and back 5 times a week to buy dinner. ITS BAD YOU GUYS. It’s good to be actually talking about all this stuff though! RIGHT?! 

If anyone can recommend any books or any educative things that may help me in my journey (I’m determined!) to “loving myself”, it would be much appreciated. 💕