Lick of Life: April

I didn’t bring my camera out in April. Nor have I been feeling that great. Buuuut I really want to step up my game, so my aim for May is to bring my camera out with me EVERYWHERE. Even if I’m just going food shopping. You never know when you’ll see a cute puppy orContinue reading “Lick of Life: April”

A Lick of Life: March

It’s a late one this month! I’ve had no internet access for most of the month, so doing anything (you know, blogging… WORK!) has been nigh on impossible. Fingers crossed our new provider can get us back online tomorrow. It’s also been a pretty packed, stressful month for me, so photos haven’t really been firstContinue reading “A Lick of Life: March”

Little Lick of Life: February

VERY slowly going through this book, both for myself and Stark & Goodwin. It asks such basic questions that you kind of naturally think about, but never write down. This forces you to get everything down on paper and really look at it all. Saving my head from swimming with branding ideas! I’ll be makingContinue reading “Little Lick of Life: February”

Little Lick of Life: November

And all of a sudden it’s December! Here’s what I got up to last month: Chilly walks with Milo, his head blended in with the leaves Foggy glasses Weather! These wool house socks from Muji are so cozy. I kind of want another pair so I can wear them every day… Isn’t this pink roomContinue reading “Little Lick of Life: November”

Little Lick of Life: October

I never know whether or not to group this and my ‘favourite things’ posts together…they can kind of get similar and overlap sometimes! A terrible phone photo of zissou looking like a little relaxed sloth A walk in Arger Fen woods Warpaint at the Roundhouse on the 27th Pumpkin picking! I never know if theseContinue reading “Little Lick of Life: October”

Little lick of Life: September

What I’ve been up to this month in image form… Finally brought this little one home! My sister bought it for me over a year ago and I kept forgetting to bring it back with me whenever I visited her. I reported it as soon as I got back and it has since gone CRAZY.Continue reading “Little lick of Life: September”

Brighton Weekend & Inktober Haul

Over the weekend we visited Brighton for our friend Robbie’s birthday. There was lots of eating, shopping, walking and giggling – just what we all needed! We also went up the i360, I was the most nervous I’d been in a loooong time about it and almost talked myself out of it, but I’m soContinue reading “Brighton Weekend & Inktober Haul”