Lick of Life: April

I didn’t bring my camera out in April. Nor have I been feeling that great. Buuuut I really want to step up my game, so my aim for May is to bring my camera out with me EVERYWHERE. Even if I’m just going food shopping. You never know when you’ll see a cute puppy or something, right??
I might also do a lil vloggie because I’m off to Brighton to see Kishi Bashi on the 15th!

SO the following is mostly a bunch of phone camera shots of what I got up to in April – I apologise (Mainly to myself).


A Lick of Life: March

It’s a late one this month! I’ve had no internet access for most of the month, so doing anything (you know, blogging… WORK!) has been nigh on impossible. Fingers crossed our new provider can get us back online tomorrow. It’s also been a pretty packed, stressful month for me, so photos haven’t really been first on my agenda, oops!

I had my hair coloured professionally in March… lets just say it didn’t go well. This was the first attempt. After one wash I was left with cartoonish yellow-blonde hair. Every time I caught myself in the mirror I let out an “eep!” sort of sound, but ended up just trying to repeat my mantra “It’s okay; David Bowie Vibes”. I went again just over a week later and its a bit better/darker, but fading fast!

This is the only lipstick I’ve been wearing all month. Urban Decay Comfort Matte in ‘Carnal’ – apparently its super close to the sold out Nars limited edition lipstick in ‘Kiss Me Stupid’, and I’m finding it really suits red hair!

It was this one’s birthday! Aaaand, he bought himself his first car! He is now the super proud owner of a shiny gold Mini One – and I’m in looooove with it. It’s gold – of course I’m in love with it.

Harry took around 200 photos to get this one. I need to get better at having my photo taken.

Lets hope April is full of better, warmer days for everyone! Did anyone else have a full on March??

Nosing Around

My nose. My nose has always been an issue for me, sometimes moreso than others. At times of zero self confidence, my nose gets the brunt of most of my upset. Growing up, racist slurs were very casually thrown in my direction because of the shape of it in profile, and how “large” it is. It’s funny what a group of teens can do to your confidence. Even though it was seen negatively by most people around me, including me when I wasn’t gawping at pictures of Erin O’Connor (hah!), I’ve never wanted a nose job. I’ve never REALLY wanted to change it.

I realised, in re-reading Suzanne Von Aichingers part in Dita Von Teeses book ‘Your Beauty Mark’, that I hadn’t thought about it in a little while – positively or negatively. She talks about liking cats with big noses, her idols always having strong, interesting features, and I have always been drawn to that too. Perhaps it’s been my subconscious screaming at me to love my nose this whole time! Harry tells me he loves my nose when I haven’t got my glasses on (basically only just before bed and first thing in the morning, because I’m as blind as a mole!) and am feeling a little self concious, and honestly, I think I’m growing to love it, too. It’s a bit late to still be coming to terms with various body issues at the age of 26, I know, but I’m working on it.

I’m thankful for beautiful women with strong features like Erin O’Connor & Suzanne Von Aichinger. I probably would have gone mad at school if it weren’t for looking at pictures of them and realising that having “different” features is NOT a bad thing. In fact, it can be a beautiful thing.
(photo of me from 5 or 6 years ago)