Recent Makeup & Skincare

Okay, so I went a bit crazy on makeup and skincare recently… I received my first “proper” pay check in a little while and had no idea what to do with myself! (but my savings account is looking the healthiest it has in years, so I’m pretty proud of that!) There were things that IContinue reading “Recent Makeup & Skincare”


I couldn’t handle the hype anymore, so I caved and bought some Glossier pretties. Note to self: Never buy anything from America that doesn’t ship to the UK ever again! I had it delivered to some lovely friends in New Albany who posted it for me, and then I had a customs charge. And, AfterContinue reading “Glossier!!!”

Favourite Things; Colours

1. Legion. I meeeeean…! I know this word gets thrown around a lot in the blogging/youtube world (and quite frankly, it grates on me), but I can’t think of another word to describe it: I am OBSESSED with this show. AHHHH. The futuristic retro, clean, abstract, dark, colourfulness of it all has me completely hooked.Continue reading “Favourite Things; Colours”

Some New Makeup & Skincare Things

It’s been a little while since I spoke about makeup on here. I went through a stage of being really openly interested in specifically cruelty free/vegan makeup & skincare, and then went a bit quiet about it! I can tell you I’m still only using cruelty free makeup and skincare, but ended up feeling aContinue reading “Some New Makeup & Skincare Things”

Berry & Gold Eyes

I used my Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette in 3 colours for this look. ‘Warm notes’ all over the lid and under the eye, ‘Pure Ganache’ on the middle of the eyelid and underneath the eye, and ‘Sweeter End’ in the inner corners.Not exactly a summer look, but every time I go outside I see moreContinue reading “Berry & Gold Eyes”

My Makeup Collection & Ultimate Wishlist

My current makeup collection isn’t very big by apparently every other beauty bloggers/a lot of other people’s standards, but I kinda like it that way. I think I’d feel really wasteful if I had drawers and drawers full of stuff. If something runs out, I replace it, but I don’t tend to have more thanContinue reading “My Makeup Collection & Ultimate Wishlist”

Makeup Through the Ages; 1920s

This is the beginning of a series of classic/typical makeup looks from the 2os to the 70s, and maaaybe be the 80s, not sure yet. The 1920s and 30s are my favourite eras. I remember my mum being quite obsessed with Art Deco interiors when I was little and I guess it’s rubbed off onContinue reading “Makeup Through the Ages; 1920s”

Rose Gold Eyes

This actually looks a lot darker in real life, it almost looks the same as my first makeup post…whoops! I promise it’s different, I just can’t get away from my normal eyeliner routine. That and I need to get my lighting sorted (which basically means running around the apartment taking selfies until I get itContinue reading “Rose Gold Eyes”

Angela’s Makeup in ‘La Femme Est Une Femme’

This makeup look is based on Angela’s (Anna Karina) makeup in the 1961 French film ‘La Femme Est Une Femme’ (A Woman is a Woman). This look has been done to death by loads of bloggers out there over the years, but it’s just so fun and bright that I had to give it aContinue reading “Angela’s Makeup in ‘La Femme Est Une Femme’”