The Shape of Water (A Fan Art Piece)

I went to see The Shape of Water a couple of weeks ago at the super comfy Everyman in Chelmsford, and couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I did a weird thing for me and made some fan art. Maybe I just haven’t liked a film/ tv show/ book/ game enough to make art about it until now…

This was made using the Procreate app on my iPad Pro. I bought my iPad Pro & apple pencil a couple of years ago now and it has honestly taken me that long to even vaguely get to grips with drawing digitally. I do find it a million times better than using one of those drawing tablets without a screen though – my brain couldn’t not look at the tablet while I was drawing (derp).

I have no idea if I’m doing anything “right” still (I mean, there’s not a “right” way to make art, but ya know what I mean), but this is the first piece I’ve been happy with. I definitely think I’m getting my preferred process down, but I’m still figuring out brushes and how to make them look “natural”. Coming from a background of using physical paint etc to create art, its kind of frustrating that I can’t make things look like that yet. Keeping my fingers crossed that Kyle’s Brushes come out with a set for procreate!

Theres also a print available on my etsy shop!

Have you seen The Shape of Water? What did you think?



Free Download: Partyparty! iPhone Wallpaper

A little party for your iphone *dance dance*

Right click image below to download, and don’t forget to let me know if you use it… And if you reeeaallly want to, use the hashtag #megsfreethings to show me!

Free Download: Fruity Iphone Wallpapers

Some fruity iPhone wallpapers for those missing the juicy colours of spring & summer.
Compatible with iPhones 6 – 8 & 6 plus – 8 plus. I made two different backgrounds, so choose whichever you prefer. Clicking should take you through to my Flickr, and they can be downloaded from there.

If you’re using these backgrounds, let me know, send me photos or use the hashtag #megsfreethings on twitter and instagram – I’d love to see them!

Enjoy x

Inside My Sketchbook: 3

Anyone else having trouble signing in to their Flickr accounts? I haven’t had any issues until today, beginning to wonder if its something to do with the security breach they experience at the end of December! *hyperventilates*

I really wanted to make a blog post today about whats been going on inside my sketchbook for the past little while, so I’m rather pained that I had to use some of my WordPress storage for these!

It was Harry’s and my 5th year together at the end of November, so I got all mushy and drew us from a Photo Booth photo we had taken in Amsterdam…

I had a little bit of fun with Lino printing again – I haven’t used this medium in a looong time. I’d really like to do some Lino printing on unbranded notebooks to sell online. If anyone has any suggestions for where I might be able to find small amounts of these – please let me know!

We travelled to Hastings in December, and while Harry was in a job interview for a while (he got the job, yay!) I started to draw this. It ended up turning in to a weird little 3 part series. It was super fun to experiment with different colours for sketching other than graphite.

Zissou being cheeky, because I can’t help myself.

Aaaand this one isn’t quite in my sketchbook per say. I made it on my iPad Pro for this cute thing thats doing the rounds on Instagram called “#MeetTheArtist”. I’m still kinda struggling with calling myself an artist, but it was too fun to pass up!

Inktober & Patreon

Hello everyone! This year I’m going to be participating in Inktober!

For those who don’t know, Inktober is a drawing challenge that goes on throughout October. The aim is to use ink to draw something every day. EVERY DAY. I realise this is going to be a real challenge for me, as I am đź‘‘procrastination queenđź‘‘, but I feel like I NEED this right now. I’m at the tail end of a serious dose of art block, I can feeeeel it, and this is something that might help me immensly. Or turn me in to a pile of inky mush. We’ll see. For more info on Inktober, click here.

At the end of this challenge I’d really like to get a very limited number of books printed of everything I’ve drawn during the challenge to sell, and that’s where Patreon comes in! Patreon is a website that allows people to support creators to grow and continue working regularly. As a supporter you will receive little treats from me, in the form of discounts, previews of prints & originals before they go live anywhere else, the occasional video and maybe even little packages!

For more info on Patreon, click here!

My Patreon Profile

Sketchbook Pages

Or rather, iPad sketchbook?

I completely splurged, as in, most money I have ever spent in my entire life in one go, on an iPad Pro recently for work…ITS FOR WORK! Who am I kidding. So I’ve been happily sketching away in Adobe Sketch and Draw. These two are a couple of my recent experiments. The top simple botanical illustration is available in greetings card form on my Etsy, and the bottom one is, well, Bettie Page! I’m really enjoying adding colour to everything now and seem to have developed an obsession with bubblegum pink. I think that probably has something to do with the fact that I painted my shower room “Hansel and Gretel” pink (By Fired Earth) as soon as we moved in a couple of months ago, but I’m loving it on EVERYTHING now!