My Bedside Table

Right now, in this dark grey weather, bed is my happy place. I mean, it kind of usually is, but especially this month. Probably not the healthiest of statements, but we bought a new bed & beside tables recently and I’ve just wanted to spend all of my time in there!
I always think bedside tables are so personal, and give you a tiny insight of the owners personality. Take mine for example – constantly littered with books, notebooks, hand cream, lip balm & jewellery. Whereas Harrys is an oasis of calm – simply a glass of water on a coaster. I don’t know how he does it, but he’s definitely this minimal in general life, too.

Is anyone else’s bedside table as cluttered as their mind?


Apartment Peeking

We’re coming up to a year and a half in this little apartment. Even though it has turned out to be more “us” than the other places we’ve had together, and we feel very lucky to be saving for a deposit; I still can’t wait to have our own house by the seaside…

Little Pieces of My Home

I’m not ready to share my entire home with you. YET. But I will! We’re still painting the living room, the “hallway” (I say this in inverted commas because it’s like a box with three doorways in it) needs painting and we need some major storage in our bedroom. Once we have all of the finishing touches done I’m planning on maybe doing a video tour to accompany some photos on this little blog.

For now, here are a couple of cute corners in our apartment:

Little Lick of Life: May

Here’s what I’ve been up to this month!

I shot our first full renovation project as Stark & Goodwin. You can check out all the photos from this project here.

Went for lots of little walks & saw these beautiful rock roses, as well as loads of other pretty petally goodness.

Visited friends & went wandering in Lavenham

Lot’s of Zissou cuddles, as usual!

Harry’s mum harvested her first few radishes! So yummy!

Little Lick of Life: April

This is what I was up to in April;26380613100_fcabc816d7_k_d26627415936_aa23a9fc8d_k_d26380635680_3811c9bbde_k_d26050162713_9da4990080_b_d26627428956_772bae9a4f_k_d26048232974_5113aa02ee_k_d26654151035_f8e940e2d6_k_d26380698240_a17813ddac_k_d26627465746_751e295e41_k_d26654173965_33d7d754c8_h_d

I’ve consumed a lot of pastries, made dinner and a rhubarb crumble for friends with rhubarb from the garden, tried to organise the new apartment a bit, and taken photos of one of Harry’s mums Airbnb rooms. And played with Zissou, of course! The hand pattern fabric is from a silk mill down the road from us, I’m thinking it might make an interesting curtain for the little window in our kitchen. Or cushions!