Commissions & Personal Projects

A few illustrations from the last month;

This little guy is something I just did for myself, finished yesterday. Kind of just want to use gold gouache on everything now, it looks so good! Tempting to make a series of these with splashes of gold in all of them.

A made up lizard/gecko species, painted for a client who is having it printed on to plates and hung on his kitchen wall. Hopefully I’ll have a photo of the finished product soon! Not something I would usually draw, but the colour combination was fun and it was interesting to paint something that wasn’t primarily fur/hair.

And this was a fun commission from the band Solution Hours for their EP Try Again. They wanted some of my classic “girls” in black and pink – just my cup of tea! They were drawn on my iPad using procreate. Can’t wait to see them in action.




Some Sketches & the Thing With Calling Yourself an Artist

I feel like the term/description “artist” is thrown around quite a lot, especially now with social media platforms like Instagram, where you can share your artwork in an instant. It makes me feel uncomfortable because anyone can just put “I’m an artist” in their about me/profile and that’s that. Instantly – they’re an aaaaartist. Although some people do, I’ve never been able to openly say or consider myself to be an artist. A. I don’t feel like I’ve produced enough work, B. I haven’t studied, C. I haven’t sold a lot of my work or had it in galleries, D. Maybe I’m just too shy/modest to consider myself to be something so authoritative. Because, let’s face it, being able to call yourself an artist means you are an expert in your field, an authority on what you do. And I am definitely not that. I’m just a girl who loves to create.

I’m also struggling with my illustrative “voice” right now. What do I want to say with my illustrations? What stories am I telling? Explaining why I’ve created/like things has always been a downfall of mine, and I feel it’s probably the main thing that is holding me back from diving in to the world of freelance illustration/design, and what’s stopping me having more of an audience. Maybe I need to work on cultivating my voice (*gag* that sounds so cheesy) more and finding a bit of meaning in my work. The hard part is figuring out how, I guess!