How Long Can She Balance Some Books on Her Head?

About 5 seconds.

self portrait books
self portrait books
self portrait books
self portrait books

I’m almost finished reading Everything I Never Told You – does anyone have any suggestions for what I should read next?

Summer Come Early

beach day postcards

Summer weather in April. We packed up a little picnic and drove to our favourite beach yesterday. Hardly anyone else was there – listening to the waves without any human noise was so relaxing

A Tale of 3 Art Styles

When I draw people it comes out in a kind of comic book/Black Hole inspired way with lots of black lines and sketchy shadows:
legion fan art illustration
When I draw animals & nature its always more detailed and sort of fantasy-like:
rabbit ribbon illustration
And when I draw patterns its minimal and fun, mostly with a limited colour palette:
hands repeat pattern illustration pink
I also love a mixture of detailed, colour-rich art and minimal/fun design.
I fight with these parts of my style CONSTANTLY. I feel like I have to choose 1. Ooonly 1… and the fact that I haven’t chosen is why I’m struggling so much!

Does it *really* matter if you have a few different styles for different subjects? Have visual social platforms like Instagram caused us to worry about curating ourselves and our styles so much that its sort of taken the fun out of creativity? Everyone in the illustration world talks about nailing down their style and sticking to it and thats what will get you a “fan base”, or get you hired. But surely being flexible and able to play with new ways of making is also a good thing?

Welcome to Megs ill explained stream of consciousness!

iPhone Wallpaper: Cats!

I’m going to have to slow down with the iPhone backgrounds… Maybe I should post 1 a month?? Let me know if you’re enjoying them!(Use the hashtag #megsfreethings to show me if you use them)

These are all based on my babycat Zissou and his favourite things – scrunched paper and cardboard forever!

Free Download: Love Arrows iPhone Wallpaper

A couple of weeks ago I saw the Quentin Blake “Arrows of Love” exhibition at the House of illustration, and obviously came away inspired, because I found myself sketching heart shaped arrows!
Download for free and use it as your phone background, or WhatsApp background!