Sun and Life

These vintage Mexican embroidered ‘peasant’ tops always remind me of Frida Kahlo. Whenever I wear this one that I bought in Amsterdam a few weeks ago I feel like I’m sort of channeling the most positive aspects of her personality – strong, creative, independent & in┬álove. Im also wearing my new favourite lipstick mentioned aContinue reading “Sun and Life”

Clothing/Costume in film & TV 2 – Stoker

I need to think of a catchier title than that, don’t I? Anyway, Stoker. Or more importantly ‘India’ (Mia Wasikowska) in the film Stoker. I would like her entire wardrobe pleasthanks! (I know this came out in 2013, I’m slow at getting round to things, okay?!) There’s a “modern Victorian” vibe going on which IContinue reading “Clothing/Costume in film & TV 2 – Stoker”


This is one of those outfits that is just comfortable. Nothing tight or form fitting, just flowy and breezy. Even though today was terrible, so I had to take photos inside.  I got the little silver and paste crescent moon pin from an antique shop in Lavenham this past weekend. It was a toss upContinue reading “Comfort”

Modern & Vintage Wishlists

My wardrobe will never be entirely vintage. Sometimes it bugs me, sometimes I’m grateful for it. Or rather, my wallet is grateful for it! Because it’s become so popular in recent years, most of it has now surpassed my budget by miles. My Instagram and the blogs I follow are saturated with people that seeminglyContinue reading “Modern & Vintage Wishlists”

Green & Red Aren’t Just for Christmas

It’s a great colour combination and can be spring-y too! Even though it definitely does not feel like spring right now.  (An outfit post?!? Woah!)         Vintage dress from Fairweather Vintage Gap cross body bag bought last year Clarks brogues bought last year

Going Grey & Disappointing Dresses

LUCKILY you can’t see it in these photos, but I am going so grey you guys! Well, actually white, my head decided to just skip past grey completely. SO MUCH WHITE. I haven’t coloured my hair for a couple months and its all showing through! Its all in my fringe and I’m (not so) secretlyContinue reading “Going Grey & Disappointing Dresses”