Draw My Duds: Stripy Everything

The amount of stripy tops in my wardrobe is obscene. This is the latest one, from & Other Stories. Which I have in a darker colour-way too, oops. I’ve been wearing a lot of dark colours lately, so decided to mix it up and wear two of the lightest coloured things I own – IContinue reading “Draw My Duds: Stripy Everything”

Draw My Duds: Grey Trousers

Okay I’m probably going to change the name of this series because I don’t like the word “duds”, but for now that was the catchiest thing I could come up with! I’m so bad at coming up with names for things… Anyway; I have been meaning to draw my outfits and include them in blogContinue reading “Draw My Duds: Grey Trousers”

A Winter Wedding Guest: Outfit

Harry’s cousin got married a couple of days ago at a beautiful old Manor House in Yeovil; Brympton House. Pictures of that will be coming soon! I ended up (completely subconsciously, I promise) dressing as a shiny gold nutcracker, oops! I’ve had this jacket near on 7 years now and I’ve only worn it aContinue reading “A Winter Wedding Guest: Outfit”

1940s Style Workwear

Finally! A pair of 1940s style jeans that arent over-styled and too-long legged! I haven’t enjoyed wearing skinny jeans for a looong time now but haven’t been able to find a pair of semi smart looser fitting ones, vintage or otherwise. Until I came across these on Asos. I’m not usually one for spur ofContinue reading “1940s Style Workwear”

Last Days of Summer

Sometimes it feels like summer is coming to an end, and then you get a day like this and begin to doubt it! I spent the day photographing some of my vintage collection to put on eBay (It’s all up now, go have a peek!), wandering the gardens and trying not to complain that IContinue reading “Last Days of Summer”

Toast Late Autumn 2016 Lookbook

Ugh, Toast! You are breakin’ my little heart this season! So many classic, comfy looking pieces. It’s making me want Autumn REAL BAD. I’ve been making mood boards for my Autumn/winter style (yes, that is something I do almost every season) and Toast just fits it perfectly. Usually it’s really difficult, once I’ve completed aContinue reading “Toast Late Autumn 2016 Lookbook”

Pondering Personal Style

I read this post by Rodelle of Adored Vintage recently, and it really hit home with exactly what I have been feeling lately. My personal style is such a huge part of my life, and has been even more so since starting this blog, discovering other blogs and the worlds of Pinterest & Instagram. IContinue reading “Pondering Personal Style”

An Old Favourite

How has this skirt never made it on here? It was the first item of clothing that I bought when I moved to Cambridge, which was September 2012 (Wow.). So its officially 4 years old! I’ve worn it to death and its looking a little worse for wear now, but it’s just one of thoseContinue reading “An Old Favourite”

Aldeburgh Beach

For me, summer is never complete unless I’ve had a day at the beach. I don’t even mind if it’s not warm enough to wip my bikini out, or if my freshly cut hair gets a tad swept up by the wind. It’s just such a good feeling to have sand underneath my feet andContinue reading “Aldeburgh Beach”