All i want for Christmas…

Is clothes! And possibly a sewing machine. Vulcan sewing machine, Forever 21 jumper, Free People velvet flocking leggings, Kipling and Pilotto piccolomini satchel in galaxy print (of course. there seems to be a running theme here…uh-oh), Topshop velvet sparkle bra and knickers to match, Louche velvet skirt, H&M leopard print leggings, Urban outfitters chain earContinue reading “All i want for Christmas…”

Nebula and cable knit

Bodysuit- American Apparel. Outer space print skirt- Christopher Kane(drool drool drool). Tights-Topshop. Oversized cardigan- American Apparel. Meg oxford shoe- American Apparel. Egg timer necklace- Urban Outfitters. I have been after some digital printed fabric with nebulas and outer space pictures on it like this skirt for such a long time now and nowhere seems toContinue reading “Nebula and cable knit”