Little Lick of Life: January

My January in pictures…


Little Lick Of Life: December

December was a busy month. There was a lot of travelling; to Bath, Ipswich, Hastings & Yeovil. Lots of Christmas shopping, a wedding, harry got a new job… and we had some pretty tasty breakfasts. 

Hope everyone had a good New Years eve and a cozy start to 2017 today! 

Little Lick of Life: November

And all of a sudden it’s December! Here’s what I got up to last month:

Chilly walks with Milo, his head blended in with the leaves

Foggy glasses Weather!

These wool house socks from Muji are so cozy. I kind of want another pair so I can wear them every day…

Isn’t this pink room is Harrys parents house BEAUTIFUL? Even the ceiling is pink. I LOVE IT!

Little Lick of Life: October

I never know whether or not to group this and my ‘favourite things’ posts together…they can kind of get similar and overlap sometimes!
A terrible phone photo of zissou looking like a little relaxed sloth
A walk in Arger Fen woods
Warpaint at the Roundhouse on the 27th

Pumpkin picking!

I never know if these braids suit me, but my hair is finally long enough again to do it!
My work space set up for the next couple of weeks.
And finally an amazing sunset on a foggy evening while walking Milo.

Little lick of Life: September

What I’ve been up to this month in image form…

Finally brought this little one home! My sister bought it for me over a year ago and I kept forgetting to bring it back with me whenever I visited her. I reported it as soon as I got back and it has since gone CRAZY.

Bought this dress and then it got too cold to wear it. Ugh! Until next summer, pretty dress </3

Inktober is upon us! I’ve been drawing a lot and getting ready, making my title card for some YouTube videos that I’ll be uploading during October. I’m planning on uploading once a week, but we’ll see how it goes!

My sister kindly brought back my Sephora order from Canada with her, can’t wait to try these!!!

Aaand she brought me back some goodies! Thanks, Sunne!

Little Lick Of Life: June

A round up of photos from this month!

Of course, Zissou being gorgeous, as per usual.

Look at that fuzzy little bee in the background!

I started an Instagram for my adventures in cruelty free beauty and skincare. You can take a sneaky peek @violetpaintbox

We went canoeing the day after my birthday! I enjoyed it so much that Harry and I are going to try to do it as regularly as possible. I felt so calm and relaxed, which is a big thing for me!

Started painting with my new Windsor & Newton professional watercolours. It’s definitely making me want to get back in to painting, so watch this space…and finally, I forgot to share in my Birthday Post that my wooden Moomin family is growing! Harry bought me a Little My at the Moomin shop in Covent Garden 💕

I hope next month is less emotional for me, but full of adventure (we are going to Amsterdam for a short holiday). How has your June been? Do you have any exciting plans for July?