How To Make a Twinkly Festive Wreath

Being a flat dweller, no one will see a wreath on my door!   So I made one for my window, complete with twinkly copper wire lights. To make your own, you’ll need:  Coloured paper of your choice (you could even make a pink one!) Embroidery hoop (mine is 12 inches, but you can make itContinue reading “How To Make a Twinkly Festive Wreath”

How to Train Your Monstera: A Guide

Mildred has been part of the family (yes, she has a name) for a couple of years now. I’ve repotted her before (and propagated a few of her leaves), but this time she’s so huge I thought I’d treat her to a new pot AND something to climb up, to avoid the amount of horizontal room she’s currently taking up becoming overwhelming.

DIY Festive Door Hanging / Wreath

How To Make A DIY Christmas Door Hanging This afternoon we walked Milo and foraged a few festive looking leafy and twiggy things for me to make into a door hanging, and picked up the teeniest tree(!!!!so cute). I am by no means an authority on floristry, but if you would like to give itContinue reading “DIY Festive Door Hanging / Wreath”