I love pretty much everything and anything to do with cats. Fact.

Cat mask, leather cat bag – My sister has one…maybe i should steal it from her. Kit Kat clock. I need one. Cat pillow –, Fantastical cat studs – Marc by Marc Jacobs,  hello kitty wallet –, Cat treat cutters, cat necklace –, fantastical cat ring – Marc by Marc Jacobs, Cat eraser –, black cat wallet –, Cheshir cat bowl – Urban Outfitters, cat toe socks – topshop, cats eye glasses, Cat shaped lipstick – Paul and Joe.

velvet and berets

I didn’t realise that those claw earrings were so big! They look massive in these photos. Also, note the Christmas decorations I made last night. The string of stars I got given to me. It’s from the gift shop that I work in and it was the last one left.

The cream peter pan collar shirt was from Urban Outfitters, the velvet trousers were from Zara, the cardigan was from Topshop and the beret that I bought yesterday is also making an appearance!

I made the velvet necklace (it has a bloodstone pendant but you can’t really see it.) and the necklace below I bought from a Charity shop a while ago now. I don’t really know what symbolism it may or may not have or if i’m offending anyone by wearing it but it’s one of my favourite necklaces. I suppose it could look kind of astrological? If anyone knows anything about it, let me know!

These rings are either gifts, second hand or from markets. From left to right; The amber ring was a birthday gift from my sister, I feel odd if i don’t wear it. The silver floral cut out one was my mums, the twisted one was my mums and the cat one was from a market stall a couple of weeks ago. I wear these rings almost everyday and i’m always on the lookout for more!

Exuse the chipped nail varnish and short generally horrible looking nails.They become very brittle and snap off so it’s impossible to grow them much longer than this. The nail varnish is my favourite at the moment though, Bourjois one second per nail. It has a flat brush so it’s really easy to apply and dries really quickly. It stays on forever too! I’ve had this one for almost a week and it’s only just started to chip.

Paper Chains!

My house is terribly boring. I’m not allowed to decorate it so I am resorting to turning my room into a Christmas wonderland!

 I am wearing an awful awful cat jumper that I bought from Topshop ages ago that I feel loathed to mention but it’s so damn comfy and warm! I also thought it would slowly ease you in to my cat obbsession that will probably pop up from time to time.

Talons and Glitter

Today I went to the Christmas market in Colchester. My poor bank account.
I know I know, I shouldn’t be buying things for myself this close to Christmas but I couldn’t help it! These talon earrings were £8.50. I am smitten, but have to change the ear wires to silver ones as I am allergic to the metal that these are made with. Also pictured, my poor helix piercing, I have had it for 10 months now and recently caught it on something so it is angry at me again. Anyone who has any good ways of helping to heal cartilage piercings, please let me know!

I got these three glitter gel eyeliners for £2. I KNOW! How good is that?!?! It’s too good to be true, I will probably end up having a crazy reaction to them or something. Green is a little bit out of my comfort zone, but I am in the Christmas spirit and couldn’t help myself.

I got some time to sneak in to a few chairty shops while I was in town and found this fuzzy beret for £2.50.

Also, going completely off subject, I met a reindeer and an owl today. They were at the Christmas fair and I got chatting to the boy who was taking care of the owl. He said that after three days of having a tie around his foot this little one managed to figure out how to untie it and get away! I fell in love with him (the owl!!) instantly and wanted to take him home. He was such a poser!


This is when my nickname “Magpie” really comes in to play. Anything vaguely shiny, old looking, and to do with mystical and magical things of all kinds I cannot seem to resist. I think Polyvore has brought out the obsessive hoarder in me. UH-OH! It makes me want things that I didn’t even know existed and has caused me to find far too many more online shops to browse through. But I love it!

A fool’s galaxy fools gold ring –, Akong London 18 carat gold plated faux fur collar necklace –, Acorn locket necklace –, Silver skull ring with laquer – Solange Azagury Partridge, Heart amber earrings –, Bird claw necklace –, Marc by marc jacobs cat ring, LUV AJ bodychain, titanium arua quartz ring –, Jewelled locket ring watch –, Loselliani claw earrings – and  Quartz dangle earrings –

All i want for Christmas…

Is clothes! And possibly a sewing machine.

My Christmas list

Vulcan sewing machine, Forever 21 jumper, Free People velvet flocking leggings, Kipling and Pilotto piccolomini satchel in galaxy print (of course. there seems to be a running theme here…uh-oh), Topshop velvet sparkle bra and knickers to match, Louche velvet skirt, H&M leopard print leggings, Urban outfitters chain ear cuff and velvet locket choker.
I am trying to make myself stop browsing websites which in turn makes me change my mind about the things that I would like for Christmas because it is driving everyone insane.

Nebula and cable knit

Bodysuit- American Apparel. Outer space print skirt- Christopher Kane(drool drool drool). Tights-Topshop. Oversized cardigan- American Apparel. Meg oxford shoe- American Apparel. Egg timer necklace- Urban Outfitters.

I have been after some digital printed fabric with nebulas and outer space pictures on it like this skirt for such a long time now and nowhere seems to supply it, and I wouldn’t know anything about attempting to make some either! HMPH. If only I could afford Christopher Kane.

cable knit

Velvet skirt – Louche. Cable knit crop top – Topshop. Patchwork cardigan – Topshop. Faux fur trim socks – Topshop. Footless tights – American apparel. Long key necklace – Urban outfitters. Boots – Modcloth.

red velvet

red velvet

Burgundy velvet lace dress- miss selfridge. Tights-topshop. Antique detail croc satchel- urban outfitters. Oval amber ring- pyramid collection. Patent derbys- lanvin (i wish!!!). Hare pendant – marc by marc jacobs.

I wish I owned this outfit! I do have an amber ring very very similar that my siser kindly bought me for my birthday this year, and love it to pieces. If i ever forget to put it on I feel naked.

red and white

It’s snowing! So I went outside to play with Maude, my cat.

I dyed my hair red a couple of days ago. It was meant to look auburn-y like it used to be but it went CRAZY! Now that I have washed it a couple of times it is the perfect colour, thank god, I looked like a human shaped postbox.
And finally, this is what I wore today, underneath all of the necessary winter layers;



The cardigan is last winters from Topshop, the long sleeved stripey top is from H&M, skirt was from a charity shop, two pairs of tights, don’t know where they came from. The necklace I made myself and wear almost every day. Waist belt is from a charity shop, and the piece de resistance are my new boots! They came in the post from Ebay yesterday, £4!!!! Yessss. I’m also wearing 4 rings and a cat necklace but you can’t see them…(not because i’m mean, just because they aren’t pictured)