luts get sum shuz.

Since my favourite shoes broke I am now on an absolute mission to find the perfect pair. NEW shoes. I always buy second hand or vintage and they wear out within two or three months, much to my dismay. A couple of posts past I was nattering on about getting a pair of Brothel Creepers, and have now become obsessed with thick-soled shoes; wedges, platforms, stack soles, creepers.
lutz get sum shuz
mint green and leopard print creepers –, fox needle print loafers –, meg oxford shoe – american apparel, velvet tassle loafers – american apparel, grey creepers – TUK shoes, Sam edelman dupree boots –, Margo stack-soled loafers burgundy –, kimchi blue suede bow shoes –

black “wonder wedges”-, robert clergie varsa wedges –, surface to air packer boot with wedge –, wine flocked ultra wedges –, L.A.M.B plum platform pumps –, jeffery campbell mary jane platform pump –, melissa troupe vegan wedge brogues –, mitzi platform penny loafers –

Most of these are wayyyy out of my budget, and my comfort zone.

Witch girl?

Last month I was asked twice if I am a witch. I took it as a compliment. But I am now beginning to think, what with all of the black, velvet, gold and wine coloured pieces of clothing that I own, along with semi-precious stone and crystal jewelery, that I do maybe give off the air of being in to witchcraft. Uh-oh! 
And to top it off, I bought a black velvet jacket yesterday (and it has a purple silky lining ooooh) from a charity shop. hah! I really need to stop!
 This shirt is from a charity shop, £1.70 YEAHH.

 Black velvet jacket with purple lining!

Also, I’ve still got creepers on the brain.

Brothel Creepers, yay or nay?

On my walk home this evening from having a lovely day charity shopping with Sam of zeligblog, my favourite shoes right sole fell off. But through the mortifyed state that I was in, staring incredulously at the poor little sole in my hand, I thought to myself  “Now, here is an exuse to buy a new pairs of shoes, at least” and the first thing that came to mind was…BROTHEL CREEPERS. I haven’t got a clue why, but for the past little while I have been tempted to buy a pair. I’m not entirely sure if I would look ridiculous in them because I am often told that I look like some sort of cartoon, and the oversized soles of these babys would definatley make me look out of proportion. But for some reason I am in love with the thought of wearing a pair.
These are my favourite pair, By Free People.

The rest are from TUK shoes, I used to have an amazing pair of TUK shoes with cats faces on the toe. I wonder where the hell they went.

Ahhh! I want a pairrrr.

wine and milk

Here I am, sporting a topshop lipstick called “Beguiled”, it’s that lovely wine colour that I have been trying to find, seemingly forever. My sister is so good at finding the perfect presents, I got this for Christmas and I wear it almost every single day!

Thanks, sister! 
(also pictured but not exactly visible, milkmaid braids. I need to figure out how to do them properly though. I end up looking like I have more hairpins then I do hair!)

I’m baaaack.

I have returned from Prague. It was amazing, if not a teensy bit too cold for my liking. I don’t think that wearing as many layers of socks as I did should be legal. My poor toes are so sore. We walked everywhere, I was fascinated by the Astrological Clock, every hot chocolate I had was perfect, the architecture was astonishing, I got to go to a Alfons Mucha exhibition (and have FINALLY got some inspiration to start painting again!!), and found a few lovely little vintage and second hand shops. Maybe I should try going again in the summer months.

 Happy new year everyone!

Astrological Clock

Stained glass by Alfons Mucha in Prague Castle

Two jumpers, and two pairs of leggings. I felt like a penguin.

I bought this cat clip from a souvenir shop and it broke 5 minutes later. Super glue to the rescue!

My new favourite jacket, I can’t wait for weather that I can actually wear it in.

I also bought this shirt from Bohemian Retro. I’ll upload better photos of it soon, as you can’t see it in all it’s glory in these!


My packing for Prague is finally complete. I heard from my boyfriend that is was minus 15 there the other day! I am going to freeze into a Meg shaped icicle. Packing for a week of cold weather in a handluggage bag is a difficult thing to do. I managed to cut down to just one velvet item of clothing, which is hard for me as I seem to have a lot of it!

Of course my trusty Nikon is in there, along with an extra 50mm 1.8 lens for fireworks. Lots of batteries for my compact which I am mainly going to use for filming little bits, and my Yashica T3. I know…three cameras. But i can’t help myself! All i seem to do is take photos.

Theeee Kipling and Peter Pilotto bag that I have been after for quite some time. My dad did good this Christmas. MMMmmmm

An extremely late almost New Years Eve Christmas post.

Happy extremely belated Christmas everybooodddyyy!
Terrible photos of my Christmas day outfit; Black fuzzy sweater-River Island, Red velvet skirt- Charity shop, Tights-dunno, maroon socks-H&M, shoes-Ebay, Necklaces-one I made and the other from a Charity shop,beret-Charity shop


I am off to Prague on Friday for New Years Eve for a week, Weeee!
Goodbye! Or should I say ‘Na shledanou’ I’VE DONE MY RESEARCH YEAHHH.
(also, I think my new years resolution will be to not shy away from people taking photos of me as much as i do, it looks like i’ve never been anywhere as I am always behind the lens! Does anyone out there have any interesting resolutions?)