Lost Pearl

Introducing my new jewellery shop – Lost Pearl

 Lost Pearl is my little project to turn my ideas in to wearable jewellery. 

I’m really inspired by ancient jewellery, and storytelling through illustration (I’m an illustrator primarily). My father is a watchmaker and runs his own watch repair and jewellery shop – so watches, jewellery, jewellers benches and solder have been a part of my life forever. 

You’d think, because of this, I would have found metalsmithing a lot earlier in my life, but nooooo! I’ve jumped around from creative pursuit to creative pursuit, and It’s something that I’ve finally discovered in the last year of my twenties.

My first collection is called The Sweets:

4 stackable sterling silver rings with 4 different stones to choose from that look like lil boiled sweets 🍬 

If you’d like to follow along on Instagram, my account is @_lostpearl and my shop is at www.lostpearl.co.uk

My collections will consist of made to order pieces and the occasional one off, my plan is to eventually get in to the lost wax method, so watch this space!

2020 “Resolutions” & Plans

foggy morning with church in the distance

This year has been… challenging, to say the least. SO! I’d really like to try to set myself up for even just a marginally better year in 2020🤞. There are a few things I’d like to organise, learn, research and get in to the habit of doing to try to help me on my way to making this happen;

Number one! And probably the most important – Consume less, make more. 

By this, I mean spending less time looking at Instagram, watching Youtube videos, looking at what other people are making and creating – and make more things myself instead. This is going to be a lot easier said than done, and I’m going to really have to do everything I can to change these habits, but I’d really like to prioritise making things over consuming things that other people have made.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m never going to stop consuming and appreciating what others have made, because A) it can be a real source of inspiration and B) I use things like Youtube to decompress at the end of the day sometimes and C) it’s just fun. But I think my current ratio of consuming to making is waaaayyy off and needs to change.

cat in the sun

Number 2! Learn how to properly market my creative *stuff* online. And then make a habit out of it.

I have nooooo idea how to market myself.

I am an illustrator, I really love taking photos, I’m also getting in to silversmithing and am planning on starting to sell my jewellery in 2020. Currently, I have my Etsy shop where I sell prints & paintings, a “personal” Instagram where I just kind of post anything photography based and general life stuff, and my “making stuff” Instagram where I post everything that I make. I also have a Facebook page, but don’t use Facebook anymore, a Youtube channel that I haven’t posted to in a year and a Twitter account which is just me… being me 🤷‍♀️. I try to post as much as I can on both of my Instagram accounts, but I’m RUBBISH at writing captions, bad at talking to people/starting conversations and don’t have many followers.

My plan here is to research how to market my small business, ask for advice re Instagram accounts & my Etsy shop (Should I have a separate silversmithing account? Would selling prints and jewellery on 1 Etsy shop be too much? etc) from people who know what they are talking about – if anyone has any suggestions here it would be muuuuch appreciated! Then, I’ll start to schedule in taking photos, writing posts, and when to post where.

Autumnal forest

Number 3! Keep learning.

Of course, everything creative that I do, may that be drawing, painting, etc, is a constant learning process. But, in 2020 I really want to concentrate on learning as much as I can about silversmithing – through both research & practise. I have a feeling it’s going to involve a lot of frustration-crying and flailing around, but it’ll be worth it!

And because my brain just couldn’t possibly stick to one thing 🤦‍♀️, there are also a couple of other “smaller” things that I’d like to learn to do, too. One being figuring out how to make cinemagraphs! I’ve always been a fan of them, and have attempted them in the past, but I’d like to make them a bit more of a feature on my Instagram and think they have the potential to be quite a fun way to show my jewellery pieces.

So, thats my 2020 plan! I just have to not beat myself up if something doesn’t come to fruition as quickly as I’d like 😂

What are your 2020 resolutions/plans? How have you felt about 2019? Leave me a comment and we can chat!


Silversmithing is something that I’ve wanted to try since I was a teenager. My dad is in the industry (he’s a watchmaker and repairer & sells jewellery), and wanted me to get in to it at around the age of 16, but you know how it is, you know everything as a teenager and I definitely did not want to do that! Until I was 18 and decided that I did want to do that, but had no money to do it, duh!

For the last few years it’s come back to the forefront of my mind, just hovering, waiting for me to do something about it. So, after looking for teachers/courses near where I live and having no luck, I decided to ask a friend to take a break from her extremely busy schedule and spend a day teaching me the basics! Needless to say, I loved every minute (thanks again, Helen!) and I’ve slowly been building my skills in my spare time since.

The first few soldering attempts resulted in frustrated flailing and swearing a lot, but my fear of the blowtorch is finally subsiding, aaaand I’ve only managed to cut myself once (those who know me will find that impressive) !!

I’m hoping to have a few rings listed on my Etsy soon, and see what happens from there!

Uniqlo U Fall/Winter 2019

Every season, I wait for the new Uniqlo U collections and always end up buying at least 1 item each time.

This year I had seen the preview and had my eye on the Shaggy Wide Sleeved Jumper in teal and green, and the Fleece Lined Short Coat in brown. The coat ended up going back pretty quickly after trying it on. It has those dropped shoulders that I never get on with. I’m small (5”2) and I have quite broad/square shoulders, so wearing things with dropped shoulders somehow manages to make them look even bigger!

I’ve read a couple of bad reviews on this jumper about fit and the fact that it leaves fuzz everywhere, but the only downside I can see is that it’s dry-clean only (It’s a fuzzy alpaca jumper, of course it’s going to leave fuzz everywhere).

I had just landed in Italy when the collection came out, so managed to scramble to get enough 3G to order, but the green jumper had sold out. I ended up liking it so much in teal, that I signed up for a back in stock notification and bought it as soon as it came back! I tend to buy things like this in a couple of colours every now and again, when I know that the item is something I’ll have and wear for years as part of my base “uniform”.

Does anyone else do that??

I have a pair of Clarks boots that I bought 6/7 years ago, I wear them religiously every autumn/winter, and I REALLY wish I bought 2 pairs because they’re falling apart now and I can’t find anything similar.

Its the same with this jacket, I’ve had it around 6 years now and it’s starting to look scruffy – it’s not falling apart like my boots, but I do think I need an update. It’s feeling a little outdated now, when put with other things in my wardrobe.

So I’m now on the hunt for a new pair of boots and a coat – To hopefully last me the next 6/7 years!

Trip to Italy

After 5 years, we finally got to visit Italy again. I think we were both in need of just getting away for a little while and this did the trick! Already can’t wait for our next trip back.

We stayed in Harrys parents house, had the log burner on in the evenings, lay ins with coffee in the mornings and explored the surrounding areas and the village during the day. I think my favourite part was Lago Sinizzo, about a 20 mins drive from the house. A lake of perfect aqua mountain water – and because we went out of peak time, there were only 2 or 3 other people there! It was so relaxing to warm our bodies in the sun and dip in and out of the water for a few hours.

A New Place

We’re moving back to Suffolk next week (aaaahhh, still so much to pack)!

Last weekend we went to visit our new house, in our new sleepy riverside town, to see how the renovations have been coming along. I’ve not even moved in and I’m in love with it – hope I’m not jinxing it by saying that. All of the renovations that had to take place before we moved in have been done to such a high standard, it made me forget it’s a rental!

I can’t wait to get in there and start taking photos, and making things in my shed studio in the garden (!!! dream come true alert)

speaking of dreams come true, there are ROSEBUSHES:

Dressing Up

In my years of being in control of my own wardrobe, I’ve noticed that I seem to really enjoy dressing juuuust short of a costume. Regularly, Harry will turn to me just as we’re about to leave the house, or I’ll look in the mirror, and announce “today, you look like ______”. 

Some of the most popular culprits over the years have been/are:

  • ‘Cliche Parisian Cartoon’

  • ‘70s Brownies/Girl Guides Leader’

  • ’Tiny Charlie Chaplain”

  • ’Scandinavian Art Teacher’

  • ‘Heartbroken Edwardian Maiden’

  • ‘Wild West Frontierswoman’

I use illustration and photography as a form of self expression, and I guess my wardrobe is just an extension of that (apparently I can’t help myself) ! If I have a casual day, I feel rubbish and want to run home and change my outfit because I just don’t feel like myself. 

Is anyone else like this with their clothing choices??

Custom Pet Portraits

I’m opening my services up for custom pet portraits!

If you’d like a portrait of yours or a loved ones pet, please visit my Etsy Listing and we can have a chat about what you’d like. It could be a memorial, or just because you love your lil fuzzy bb. I can include accessories (like their favourite toy, or a bow, or in Charlies case below; lavender!), simple patterns, specific colours & of course their name as well.

If you’d like to get to know my style a little more, please visit my illustration portfolio, or have a peek at some of my past pet portrait commissions below: