Uniqlo U Fall/Winter 2019

Every season, I wait for the new Uniqlo U collections and always end up buying at least 1 item each time.

This year I had seen the preview and had my eye on the Shaggy Wide Sleeved Jumper in teal and green, and the Fleece Lined Short Coat in brown. The coat ended up going back pretty quickly after trying it on. It has those dropped shoulders that I never get on with. I’m small (5”2) and I have quite broad/square shoulders, so wearing things with dropped shoulders somehow manages to make them look even bigger!

I’ve read a couple of bad reviews on this jumper about fit and the fact that it leaves fuzz everywhere, but the only downside I can see is that it’s dry-clean only (It’s a fuzzy alpaca jumper, of course it’s going to leave fuzz everywhere).

I had just landed in Italy when the collection came out, so managed to scramble to get enough 3G to order, but the green jumper had sold out. I ended up liking it so much in teal, that I signed up for a back in stock notification and bought it as soon as it came back! I tend to buy things like this in a couple of colours every now and again, when I know that the item is something I’ll have and wear for years as part of my base “uniform”.

Does anyone else do that??

I have a pair of Clarks boots that I bought 6/7 years ago, I wear them religiously every autumn/winter, and I REALLY wish I bought 2 pairs because they’re falling apart now and I can’t find anything similar.

Its the same with this jacket, I’ve had it around 6 years now and it’s starting to look scruffy – it’s not falling apart like my boots, but I do think I need an update. It’s feeling a little outdated now, when put with other things in my wardrobe.

So I’m now on the hunt for a new pair of boots and a coat – To hopefully last me the next 6/7 years!

Published by Meg Amey

Maker of things from Canada, living in the UK

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