Draw My Duds: Grey Trousers

Okay I’m probably going to change the name of this series because I don’t like the word “duds”, but for now that was the catchiest thing I could come up with! I’m so bad at coming up with names for things…

Anyway; I have been meaning to draw my outfits and include them in blog posts for the looooongest time, I think it was one of my first ideas when I started this blog and I don’t really know whats stopped me doing it??? SO I’M DOING IT NOW!

These are my new favourite trousers. Surprisingly they’re from New Look!? I haven’t bought anything from there in years. I guess you just grow out of/ graduate from different brands as you get older, and never ever did I think I’d find anything I liked from there again. But low and behold! Grey checked trousers of my (affordable) dreams! They are super comfy, and super high waisted and super flattering for my shape. SUPERRR.

1.Black roll neck top – h&m, very old
2. Moon brooch – Judys Affordable Vintage Fair, Cambridge
3. Brown belt – Levis, similar
4. Grey tailored check trousers – Asos, New Look
5. Bottle green brogues – Clarks, similar

Do you find you avoid/don’t shop with certain brands anymore as you get older?

Published by Meg Amey

Maker of things from Canada, living in the UK

2 thoughts on “Draw My Duds: Grey Trousers

  1. What a lovely idea for a post! Please do more like this one. Love your outfit, btw., and to answe your question: yes, I almost never shop at high street stores anymore. No H&M or Zara or Mango in my closet (unless thrifted, sometimes it just happens).


    1. Thank you! I will definitely be doing outfit posts like this from now on, it was so fun! Glad it’s not just me that has gone off these brands… Zara is so notorious for stealing illustrators work, too. Haven’t shopped with them for a few years now, it put me off completely! Thrifting is the best ❤


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