And Ode to Little Ondine

I touched on the fact that I received 6 little Ondine polishes (totalling 7 in my collection now! Including a top coat) for my birthday last month (thanks, Harry!) and have now successfully worn all of them. I can safely say I love them all! Some colours need a third coat, but that’s not really an issue, they all last equally well and just as long as normal nail polish. AND you get to peel it off when your finished wearing it, which is unbelieeeeeevably satisfying.

They’re all cruelty free and chemical free, so I’ve found my nails are in much better condition now than they were when I was using normal nail polish. I still can’t believe that some polishes have formaldehyde in them?!? Insanity. Anyway, here is my collection so far on my nails. I’ve used their “Secret” base and top coat on all of these, too, and would definitely recommend using it;

Karma is a dark blue toned green, this one needs 3 coats to achieve completely opaque colour.

Red Red Wine is a dark, well, wine colour! This one needs two coats and I will probably get the most wear out of this one, too. Wine red is my go to nail colour for Autumn/winter. This one looks a little untidy because I had been wearing it for a couple days at this point, but it gives you an idea of how it wears, right?!

Fusion is a nice true red and a real pop of colour on what I would imagine any skin tone. It’s insanely bright on a sunny day and is a perfect summer colour. This one needs 2 coats. (Also look how well it goes with my new vintage top! Weeee! …It’s the little things)

Blossom is a warm toned pastel pink. I find cool toned pinks look weird on my neutral leaning yellow skin tone so I’ve always avoided pinks in nail colour and clothing, but this one is pretty sweet and really Spring/Summery. It also needs 3 coats.

Midnight is a greyish toned creamy dark blue but it’s somehow still kinda warm?? I have no idea if that makes ANY sense, but it’s great, really good for an evening out or when you want something a little moodier. This one needs 2 coats.

And finally, Golden Eye. This is a yellow toned metallic gold. It’s another one that seems to just change to a completely different level of bright when worn on a sunny day, it actually made Harry go “WOAH!” When he saw it, ha! 1, 2 or 3 coats, depending on how opaque you want it to be. It looks like a nice wash of colour with 1, and then builds up to completely opaque with 3. I’m wearing 3 in this photo.

So far, so good! I’ve completely stopped using normal nail polish for now. Next on my wish list is the box set of Little Ondine X Sophy Robson colours. Mmmm, space nails.

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