Mwah! My Everday Makeup

I was really scared to do a “beauty” post. I’m quite harsh on myself, and I feel like people I know are probably going to be like “ugh she’s so shallow/boring/self indulgent/this is what every other lifestyle/fashion blogger does UGH” but you know what? I’m not sure I really care anymore… And that’s beside the fact that it’s probably all in my lil’ head. I’m treating this as a kind of “learning to love myself” exercise. I really like makeup. My skin isn’t the greatest and sometimes I beat myself up about it. I spend hardly anything on makeup/skincare and generally only replace what I run out of and didn’t until recently research in to what I was buying (irresponsible!).

I’d really like to change all that and try more things, so,  I’m going to take photos of experimental (I am not a pro by any stretch of the imagination) looks every time I get some new makeup, or see something I like on YouTube. They might also be inspired by favourite films, people etc and will always have a prominent spotlight on cruelty free and vegan cosmetics (more about the reason for this in a post at the end of the month). Anna Karena in “A Woman is a Woman” is probably next!

I’m going to start off with what I wear almost daily (well, when I know I’m leaving the house for anything other than buying food!);

Black liquid eyeliner cateye, mascara, and red lips. I have used collection 2000 liquid eyeliner since I was 18, but recently I’ve changed to Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper and I will not be going back! I use some Bourjois right now and I have a lot of Revlon nail polish, but I want to find and use more brands that are cruelty free & vegan and eventually, once what I have has been used up, only support brands that are.


I’ve taken these without glasses, as you couldn’t really see what I was wearing behind them! The trials and tribulations of glasses wearing…

  • Bourjois 123 perfect CC cream in Ivory
  • Sleek Makeup blush in Flushed CF
  • Kat Von D Tattoo liner in Trooper CF
  • Bourjois Push Up mascara
  • Art Deco eyeshadow in a transparent white with glitter (I can’t find the colour name! Had it for a while now…) CF
  • Studio 10 Beauty brow lift perfecting liner, universal shade (from my first Glossybox) CF
  • Bésame lipstick in Cherry Red CF*

*CF stands for Cruelty Free

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Maker of things from Canada, living in the UK

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