Little Lick of Life: April

This is what I was up to in April;26380613100_fcabc816d7_k_d26627415936_aa23a9fc8d_k_d26380635680_3811c9bbde_k_d26050162713_9da4990080_b_d26627428956_772bae9a4f_k_d26048232974_5113aa02ee_k_d26654151035_f8e940e2d6_k_d26380698240_a17813ddac_k_d26627465746_751e295e41_k_d26654173965_33d7d754c8_h_d

I’ve consumed a lot of pastries, made dinner and a rhubarb crumble for friends with rhubarb from the garden, tried to organise the new apartment a bit, and taken photos of one of Harry’s mums Airbnb rooms. And played with Zissou, of course! The hand pattern fabric is from a silk mill down the road from us, I’m thinking it might make an interesting curtain for the little window in our kitchen. Or cushions!

Published by Meg Amey

Maker of things from Canada, living in the UK

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