An Emotional Week

Eesh, this week, you guys! What an emotional rollercoaster.
I moved. Part of me feels like the last 4 years in Cambridge never happened; I’m back in the same place, with the same amount of money in the bank, doing the same old thing. But I know in reality a lot has changed for the better, and we are doing this so that we can save to buy a house. I’ve painted the bathroom pink, and a black chalkboard wall in the kitchen. We’ve put all our books on the shelves and made is as homely as we could in the 4 days that we have been here, before having to go back to work.
This would normally be enough anxiety for my poor little brain for one week, but my sister had her baby, too! I’m an Auntie! I’ve never really come in contact with babies that much before, so to hold one so fresh out the oven was pretty nerve wracking. I know that might sound weird to some people, but this mothering instinct that most people around me seem to have does not come naturally to me AT ALL. Little Rupert; he’s such a little cutie-pea, sooo tiny. Little squeaky sounds. WE’RE ALL GROWN UP! It’s pretty scary.

I’ll take pictures of our new environment as soon as its looking a little less like a clothes & books bomb went off. For now, these are a couple of snaps from the past week…
Last bubble bath in the beautiful freestanding tub in my old house in Cambridge Untitled
An unexpected empty cinema, complete with seats that reclined! I’m easily pleased. Untitled
Lovely ranunculus, anemone and tulip flowers in our new kitchen, with a spying Zissou! Untitled

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