red and white

It’s snowing! So I went outside to play with Maude, my cat.

I dyed my hair red a couple of days ago. It was meant to look auburn-y like it used to be but it went CRAZY! Now that I have washed it a couple of times it is the perfect colour, thank god, I looked like a human shaped postbox.
And finally, this is what I wore today, underneath all of the necessary winter layers;



The cardigan is last winters from Topshop, the long sleeved stripey top is from H&M, skirt was from a charity shop, two pairs of tights, don’t know where they came from. The necklace I made myself and wear almost every day. Waist belt is from a charity shop, and the piece de resistance are my new boots! They came in the post from Ebay yesterday, £4!!!! Yessss. I’m also wearing 4 rings and a cat necklace but you can’t see them…(not because i’m mean, just because they aren’t pictured)

Published by Meg Amey

Maker of things from Canada, living in the UK

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